It’s time to revolutionize mobility

The Revo 2.0 changes how we see mobility scooters

Pride Mobility set the benchmark for mobility scooters. Providers and riders alike hold up our products as the gold standard for reliability, comfort and performance.

But we still found ourselves asking: “how can we make this thing better?”

We put our engineers on the job, and they came back with something truly incredible: a high-performing mobility scooter neatly packaged with all the right features, in all the right places.

Then, we decided to make two models – a 3-wheel and a 4-wheel – because we know some riders want that extra stability you get with four wheels beneath you. We also know how 3-wheel riders like a tighter turning radius of just 1016 mm and easier maneuverability indoors.

Otherwise, both the 3-wheel and 4-wheel offer near-identical capabilities. They both have a weight capacity of up to 181 kg and speeds up to 8 km/h. They vary slightly on distance, with the 4-wheel model achieving a slightly longer maximum range of 29 km per charge. The 3-wheel model reaches just under that at 28 km per charge.

Rugged riding experience

Perhaps the Revo 2.0’s most exciting feature is something you can’t easily see, but you can definitely feel it.

With Comfort-Trac Suspension, four independent and heavy-duty springs give you one of the smoothest rides you’ll find in this class of mobility scooters. Coupled with solid, 9″ tires in back, and the optional 8″ or 9″ tires in front, the Revo 2.0 mobility brings a rugged and surprising tenacity to a classic mobility scooter design. The Revo 2.0 mobility scooter also features two driving modes – eco, for maximizing battery life and sport, for when it’s time to crank up the RPMs.

Revo 2.0 4 Wheel

Revo 2.0

Range up to 18 km Up to 8,4 km/h 28,8 kg View product

Designed for comfort

For a smooth ride, good design has to go beyond the tires and suspension. An ergonomic, upholstered seat cushion and backrest sit 381 to 457 mm above a spacious deck. This lets you swing your knees in and out freely, without knocking them on the tiller, and stretch out while you’re on board.

The seat post features an eight-point swivel mount, so, with the gentle pull of a lever, you can spin your knees around to enjoy a meal at a picnic table or strike up a conversation face to face with someone without the tiller separating you. The swivel seat also makes it easier to climb aboard and disembark in one straight motion, with your feet firmly on the ground.

Next, moving up to the controls, the console sits neatly inside an ergonomic delta tiller. The wraparound design isn’t just for looks. No, the shape has been specially designed to give you the rider more touchpoints for controlling your mobility scooter.

Beyond that, a delta tiller becomes especially useful for riders who have reduced function of their arms and hands. Some find it easier to grip on the side or the top, so the lower handle becomes a defacto armrest and reduces fatigue.

With throttle levers on either side, you control the Revo 2.0 with your right or left hand, whichever you find more comfortable.

Convenience comes standard

With all of the moving we expected Revo 2.0 riders to do, our thoughtful engineers tucked storage space in every available spot. Because, realistically, who spends a day of shopping, or cruising the boardwalk or exploring a new city without picking up some extra packages. The standard and iconic Pride Mobility front storage basket holds your bulk items, while swing-out storage compartments keep your small valuables within arms reach, all the time, and safely out of sight.

Remember when you realized you couldn’t go anywhere without your cell phone? Well, we started to wonder how Pride riders would power up all those devices so they could stay in touch, and also keep on taking photos of the unforgettable moments they now share with loved ones thanks to their mobility.

Just like it seems your car, your recliner and every room in your house has a mobile device charger nowadays, your scooter should have one, too.

Plug your phone in and charge it up from the tiller handle. Maybe at one time, a charger on your mobility scooter might have felt like an unnecessary excess. Now our phones and tablets have become such an important part of every day, we know you expect a charging port, yes, even on your mobility scooter.